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Issue 2002 1 - Thursday, January 31, 2002

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  Browser-to-buyer conversion rates in eTourism: up to 12,7% for!  

What is the most reliable way of measuring the effectiveness of a site?

Many subjective factors can enter into the equation but one of the most dependable ways of measuring the online success of a site is to examine its capacity to convert browsers into buyers.

With particular thanks to Dan Hess, Vice President of comScore Networks Inc. we have been able to obtain, exclusively, the browsers into buyers rates of some of the most important eTourism websites. comScore's data is based on actual observed surfing and buying activity across a massive, global cross section of more than 1.5 million people.

Hotel browser-to-buyer conversion rates (July 2001 figures):

- (ex : 7.3%.

- : 3.7%.

- : 1.6%.

- : 1.3%.

- : 1.0%.

Of course, the category of products sold has an influence on these rates but it doesn't explain the gap existing between et sites.

For airlines sites, the gap is also real (June 2001 figures):

- : 12.7%.

- : 3.0%.

This shows that with such a browser-to-buyers rate, Southwest Airlines is clearly one of the big winners of the Internet battle of the sky.

eTourisme online Agencies (June 2001 figures):

The gap between the sites is less important:

- : 3.2%.

- : 3.2%.

- : 1.1%.

But the "level" is weak compared with the fact that companies like are among the pioneers online and spent so much money to dominate the eTourism market.



To make a comparison, comScore Networks told me that the browser-to-buyer rate in June 2001, for the whole Internet, was equal to 8,4%.

comScore Networks company has also begin to rate the differences existing between Full Service Agency Sites and Discount Agency Sites.

The first results show that the $/buyer at discount sites was 5% higher than full service sites and buyer conversion was 26% higher at discount sites.

The apparent conclusion is that discount agencies are "destination" sites for online travellers who are ready to buy.

Source : comScore Networks


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